Capri Life Style Srl is the leading provider of Luxury Services and has created a new brand TaxiBoat, “Easy, Fast, Social“.

TaxiBoat is born from an intuition to provide a marina mobility service, which allows the customer to book a private or shared TaxiBoat as per the “boat sharing” concept quickly and easily.

TaxiBoat gives rise to an alternative to public transport for short trips in the Gulf of Naples and Salerno and supports the private maritime transport, with the creation of a booking network that brings together supply and demand as well as puts the ship-owner and client in direct contact. It is an economical and practical solution, ideal for both citizens and tourists.

Why use TaxiBoat

It is a serious and reliable service, provided by referenced professionals who have worked in the marine industry for many years.
TaxiBoat tends to bring together people who share the same need: to travel in a safe and environmentally friendly manner at low costs. One smart and responsible way to travel by sea is through boats owned by private operators.

TaxiBoat is an alternative to public sea transport for customers: a great solution in case of absence (of time or other things) if you cannot book tickets to the islands or any other ports.
 Not only that, it can also be useful for those who want to travel more frequently as compared to the predetermined trips by shipping liners or to reach destinations not included in the conventional routes.

Sharing service (boat sharing) provides saving as compared the rate of a private and exclusive transfer. In some cases the amount is equal to a public hydrofoil/ship ticket. Also TaxiBoat is your chance to have multiple transfers in multiple time slots. In some cases you can find rides all round the clock.