The island of wellness

The island of Ischia is the daughter of one bubbling volcano sunk 100,000 years ago and today called Mount Epomeo, the island’s highest peak.

Enclosed in the archipelago of volcanic islands, along with Procida, Vivara and Nisida, Ischia has a very high density population and welcomes with open arms the beauty of ancient times views.

Its volcanic geology give to us spectacular sights purely naturalistic interest, such as the Lacco Ameno’s Mushrooms, the Bay of San Montano and the Bay of Sorgeto, rich smells and tastes of the mythology that has characterized them.

The history of Ischia has Greek roots.

Literally called “Pithecusa” (from the greek “phitos”, meaning “vase”) was famous at the time for being the isle of potters.  As a result of various debates about its origins, its etymology is changed in “island of the resin”.

Greek civilization gave us back the Nestor’s Cup, one of the largest and oldest relic of Greek poetry, that we see today in the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae in Lacco Ameno.

At the time of the Romans, the island became famous for its thermal baths, places of physical and mental refreshment and wellness, where the warriors were relaxing after the war.

Initially thermal baths of Ischia were a place where they could have access only noble and rich. It have mitigated the injuries of important historical italian figures such as Garibaldi and Cavour. But today they are available to any visitors.

The island of Ischia has always been considered a very fertile place of viticulture. Greeks and Romans gave birth to a wine tradition that continues today. The best wines that we taste are Forastera Ischia and Ischia White.

If the force of nature created majesty such as those set out above, the man has not been outdone.

The Aragonese Castle, the Visconti Museum and the Church of Soccorso are just some of the places of historical and religious interest that make the island one of the most magical and rich poetry of the world, when she had received even figures of culture Italian and international such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pablo Neruda and the current star of literature Erri De Luca, who praised in his writings:

“Landing on the island every summer It means encountering freedom”

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