The legend of the Gulf of Salerno

It is said Positano was kissed by Holy Madonna.
The origin of his name is full of mysticism.
A group of wandering sailors possessed a painting of the Byzantine Madonna.
Navigation was heavy and the presence of calm did not allow the movement. Suddenly, the sailors heard a whisper: “put it, put it”, as if the painting itself had indicated to stop there, in that small coastal village.
The sailors put the painting in the old St. Vitus Church (which no longer exists) and, incredibly, they found him the next morning by the sea. All shouted “It’s a miracle!” and erected the present church of S. Maria Assunta.

And thus it was born Positano.
His legend is reflected in perfectly with its landscape.
Ascents and descents characterize its morphology, as an eternal up and down from heaven to hell. The only difference being that in Positano there is no hell.

Historically Positano was an holiday residence since Roman times.
The summers are hot, but the sea breeze mitigates the temperatures and makes it a pleasant place of adventures and experiences in close contact with its major landmarks.

The most beautiful places to visit in Positano are the Spiaggia Grande, the real heart of the city, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, whose colored dome is already recognizable from the coast, and the Village of Nocelle, which marks the end of the “Path of the Gods“, a path that starts from Agerola and retraces the traditional paths of old shepherds.

Positano in its history has not only hosted sailors and shepherds, but above all in the ‘900, has become often home to prominent personalities, such as Escher and Picasso painters, who made Positano a retreat place for artists from around the world.

Can you resist the charm of a place so rich in legend and natural beauty such as Positano?
Can you imagine to visit it without visit the three islets Li Galli, the islands were inhabited by beautiful mermaids?

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