The island of colors

The island of Procida is legend, passion, cinema, romance, freedom, desire to leave completely caught up in the story that accompanies it.

The origins of its name are mythological.

According to the reconstruction of Dionysius of Halicarnassus in “Roman Archaeology”, the brave Aeneas, after escaping in time from the destruction of Troy, he landed on the coast of Great Greece to found his new, great empire, which would become the Roman Empire. But before coming to Rome, he stopped in Procida to celebrate the funeral of one of his attendants who gave his name to this wonderful island.

From the first landing it understands the magic of this island.

The first question about Procida might be: why those houses that can be seen from distance are so colorful? The answer is that  he sailors will easily recognize their homes even from their boats.

Procida is a volcanic island.

Its shape is reminiscent of the Campi Flegrei. The island is 4 square kilometers big and this makes it easy to visit in a few days.

Its geography has created three small natural harbors that make the island full of capes, bays, beaches and natural landscapes to visit absolutely.

The Corricella is the fishing village, the main port where you arrive and start from Procida. You can find restaurants and bars that line the entire village, rich in vitality and the place characteristic products, like the famous lingue di Procida, sweet puff pastry stuffed with delicious cream made with real lemon Procida, another product characteristic of the place.

In addition to lingue, you can taste the Procida’s lemon in another form with limoncello, which you can taste at any local island.

Among the other districts to visit there is also Terra Murata, the oldest suburb of the city, which includes the Royal Palace erected by the Abbot of St. Michael, and the Convent of the Orphans, built to give residence to the victims of the plague.

Procida is linked to film and literature.

Massimo Troisi was filmed almost entirely his film “Il Postino” and Elsa Morante set his novel “The Island of Arturo” The international success of both has pushed citizens to commemorate the two famous artistic figures through various souvenirs, events and literary prizes.

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Departure Ports


from Amalfi to Procida


from Capri to Procida


from Castellammare to Procida


from Ischia to Procida


from Napoli to Procida


from Positano to Procida


from Pozzuoli to Procida


from Salerno to Procida


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