The avant-garde beauty

Salerno is sweet and eternal as its natural landscapes, its museums, its tradition and its ancient and contemporary history, that crowns one of the most enchanting cities in Italy.

From the sea we can admire the immense gulf, the port with its houses and the high mountains behind them.

Among the most visible buildings we can see the Arechi Castle, one of the defensive complex built by Prince Arechi II to keep power in his city.

We can immersed ourselves in the legend of the Salerno city when we learn about the origins of his name.

It is said that the origin of the name comes from “Salem“, the great-grandson of Noah, the son of a race survived the flood of God’s wrath and to give birth to a new era.

Salerno in fact looks like a fruit city of a new era, a new way of conceiving being in the world, as evidenced by its medical tradition, the Medical School of Salerno, one of the most famous in Europe. Its foundation has the futuristic traits of the personalities who have given birth it: an Arab, a jew, a Latino and a greek, all together, in the name of humanity devoted to scientific progress.

Once docked at the harbor, Salerno offers visitors the green place of excellence in town: the Lungomare Trieste, the promenade which stretches for about one kilometer of the old town. This promenade, after the recent restoration, has taken one of the tourist attractions more fortunate Bells in last years: the famous “Luci d’Artista“, a series of light installations sculpted by the greatest contemporary masters during the period from November in January.

Penetrating into the bowels of the old town of Salerno, you can feel the heart of the city beat wildly, thanks to infinity of museums, historic buildings and even small wonders that can be found only here.

One of these is the Minerva’s Garden, the botanical garden Europe’s oldest and crowned as one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

Other green lung of the city (located outside the old town) is the River Park Irno, which covers nearly 40,000 square meters and encloses a varied amount of gardens, connecting to Parco del Mercatello, public park located on the outskirts Salerno.

From a strictly architectural point of view, the city offers its visitors a wide variety of churches and museums.

The oldest and most important church is the Cathedral of Salerno, in Arab-Norman style, demonstrations of various historical influences, and the historic church of San Pietro in Corte, famous for being one of the archaeological complexes where are sharp traces of historical alternations of the first century A.D.

It is also one of the few places where they intersect Roman structures in early Christian buildings, up to the Lombard period architecture, unique in their kind.

From religion to antiquity, in a mix of old and new that is the flagship of Salerno museums such as the Art Gallery at Palazzo Pinto, which houses works of both the ‘400 that of native authors.

Instead The Diocesan Museum houses, as well as works of Andrea Sabatini, also the cycle of ivories, a series of representational panels priceless!

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